Along the way, we stood shoulder to shoulder in trials and hardships.

Along the way, we marched sonorous and powerful steps, went forward without any hesitation.

Along the way, HUATIE MEDIA have grew from children who learn how to walk to teenagers who have indomitable spirit.

Thanks to all HUATIE staff. You have contributed the best age and the most genuine enthusiasm to HUATIE MEDIA; You have used persistent effort and dedication to create today's achievement of HUATIE MEDIA.

Thanks to every railway bureau and advertising operation unit. You have provided stable developing base and strong motivation which increase in succession; You have provided a long-term loving care and support to HUATIE MEDIA; You have helped HUATIE MEDIA to explore market with originality and concentration, in order to serve brand development by using your innovation and profession; You have supported HUATIE MEDIA to develop greater with stable steps in succession.

Thanks to all the cooperation clients and partners. Our company have developed from initial company set up by several people to today's media group. Your support and trust have gave us unwavering courage and perseverance to tackle with difficulties and challenges on the development road, to inject confidence and motivation for us to go forward, dare to explore and innovate, usher in the development of spring after another.

We will keep thankful forever from now to the future. HUATIE MEDIA insist on using sincere heart to serve clients as always and give back to society with pure heart. We use practical action to afford and practice business society responsibility, We support the development of Chinese public welfare establishment; We cooperate more partners to promote strong brand strategy together, help to improve the influence of national brand, value improvement and international development, build big transportation media accurate marketing platforms for more brands.

Long river of time, outstanding course. Thanks for having you in the past; Wish to walk hand and hand in the future, innovate and win-win together, write a new wonderful writing together for the big transportation media business.